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InfantOur Infant Program is for children ages 6 weeks to 14 months old. 2 New Heights Child Development Center provides exceptional infant child care services under the guidance and expertise of our highly professional and loving teachers. Our caregivers are best known to employ sight and sound methodology in order to stimulate your child’s developmental and cognitive skills.

At 2 New Heights Child Development Center, your little angels are provided with safe and appropriate toys and stimulating activities. Parents receive daily notification of their child’s meals, toileting, and sleeping schedules.

Our infant suite provides a warm, nurturing and loving environment that is clean and carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and stimulating.

If you want to visit our infant suite, you may schedule a tour. For questions and more information, kindly call us at 202-726-1999.

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Washington, District of Columbia 20011
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Fax: 202-726-0202
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