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Building your child's coordination and body awareness.

2 New Heights Child Development Center offers a yoga program specifically developed and modified with the age-appropriate poses, songs, and games for children to help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and build confidence and awareness beyond the classroom. We personalized each class around the kids’ creativity and curiosity, from toddlers to 12 years olds. We make yoga classes playful and fun through social interaction, repetition, games, stories, and plays.

The effects of yoga go beyond physical fitness but also offer mental and emotional health benefits for children. It improves their focus, memory, motor skills, confidence, academic performance, classroom behavior, and attention span. Yoga can also relieve their frustration, anxiety, and stress so they can participate more and have fun.

Through our yoga classes, your child can develop a foundation for a healthy future. We will include everything from simple deep breaths to calm stretches to elaborated strength-building poses. They will learn how to understand the concept of unity and cooperation and will help them to be patient, kind, and empathetic with themselves, their peers, and all the people around them.

At 2 New Heights, every child is given opportunities to grow, explore, develop, and discover. If you have questions about our programs and curriculum, please feel free to contact us.

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