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Providing learning experiences to maximize your child's skills.

We offer Music Appreciation classes to help children learn the grammar of music such as notes and rhythms and to introduce to them the basic facts about some of the most famous composers.

Through music appreciation, we will nurture your child’s self-esteem while making music fun and engaging. We will include storytelling, dramatization, and creative dance movements to help them appreciate different musical styles, such as classical music.

Kids love to dance and move to the music, so we will include songs and nursery rhymes that use repeat words, melodies, or rhythms with a definite beat to encourage language, counting, spelling, and memorization.

Each week, we will also highlight different musical scores or classical composers. We will also conduct sing-a-long sessions and hands-on music sessions. Then, we will have recitals that include both singing and dancing at the end of the year to wrap up the things they learned.

Music appreciation does not only helps children learn the sounds and meanings of words but also boosts their concentration, self-discipline, listening, and social skills. It also helps set the foundation for a well-rounded cultural lifestyle.

At 2 New Heights, every child is given opportunities to grow, explore, develop, and discover. If you have questions about our programs and curriculum, please feel free to contact us.

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